Code of Practice for VRA members


These CoPs are voluntary, except with regards to specific national legal requirements, but it is expected that VRA members will comply with them.  Failure to do so, or to bring the VRA, VRA members or the industry into disrepute may lead to exclusion.

Members must:

    1. Comply with all relevant legislation, particularly that relating to:
      • Environmental protection
      • Health & Safety
      • Employment (inc. Minimum Wage, training)
      • Insurance
      • Transport (inc. drivers hours)
      • Consumer protection, consumer rights, trades description, distance selling
      •  Data protection

    2. Have the necessary authorisations for the operations carried out at the premises, including (but not limited to) if applicable:
      • Planning Permission or Certificates of Lawful/ Established Use
      • Environmental Permit/ Waste Management Licence
      • Waste Carriers Licence
      • Registration as a Scrap Metal Dealer
      • Registration as a Vehicle Operating Centre

    3. Prepare and operate a Safety Policy as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and subsequent legislation/ regulations.  Particular attention must be paid to:
      • Fire Risk Assessments
      • Operational Risk Assessments & Safe Working Procedures
      • Training needs of the workforce
      • The removal, handling & storage of fuel, batteries (in particular from hybrid or electric vehicles) and vehicle airbags
      • Areas to which public have access

    4. Maintain reasonable standards of cleanliness, particularly those areas to which the public have access.  Children & animals should only be admitted to the sales counter and other designated ‘safe areas’

    5. Maintain policies of insurance to protect themselves, their employees and the public against all known & foreseeable risks.  Particular attention must be paid to:
      • Public & Employees Liability
      • Employers Liability
      • Product Liability
      • Motor fleet
      • Theft
      • Embezzlement



  • To bring uniformity into the manner in which responsible motor vehicle recyclers deal with customers
  • To create a reasonable and workable understanding between sellers & buyers of reclaimed (recycled, green, 2nd-hand) car parts
  • To ensure that VRA members comply with all legal requirements.


This COP applies to all relevant members of the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association.


Members will ensure that their advertising is honest, unambiguous, decent and complies with all relevant legal requirements


Members will adopt a clear & unambiguous pricing structure, which informs potential purchases of the full and exact price to be paid (including but not limited to VAT, surcharges, delivery rates etc.).

Trading Terms & Conditions

Members will trade as a minimum on the ‘outline’ Terms & Conditions provided to members by the VRA (and available in the members section), and will ensure that their customers are made aware of these, as required by law, by:

  • Providing clear & legible notices, at the very least, at the point of sale, in the sales receipt and on their website
  • Adopting a form & term of guarantee which reflects the nature and the pricing structure of the items offered for sale, and the type and age of vehicle from which the parts were obtained.  A member company may offer more than one category of guarantee, providing that it complies with all legal requirements and that the customer is made fully aware of the category applicable to the parts purchased.


VRA members will deal with all complaints in a courteous and proper manner, and will have in place a procedure for documenting and investigating complaints by a senior member of the company.