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Who can join VRA?

VRA membership is open to companies of all sizes, from owner-operators to national multi-site & international businesses: 

  • Vehicle dismantlers, salvage agents, metal recyclers
  • Companies associated with the industry but which don't undertaken vehicle recycling activities themselves (auction houses, recovery operators, body shops, equipment suppliers, service providers etc.)
  • Vehicle recyclers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
VRA members must have all legal requirements in place and should also comply with Association requirements including the Code of Conduct.

VRA does not 'regulate' members but our members wish to portray the association and themselves as representing the best of the vehicle recycling industry.

All VRA members that process/ dismantle/ scrap vehicles and/ or sell used parts MUST be registered as both an ATF & a Scrap Metal Dealer.

We do NOT accept applications from 'exempt' (including U16, S2, T9) operators. Nor recovery operators that undertake any form of vehicle dismantling.

How to join VRA

To join the VRA you can either:

Complete the on-line application form below
Click on the red button at the top right-hand corner of this page to download the editable pdf membership application form.  Simply complete the highlighted boxes & e-mail or post the completed application form to the VRA office.

Contact the office if you need any assistance - we are here to help.

How much does it cost?

Currently the standard VRA membership fee is £535+VAT per year, rising to £550+VAT from 1st August 2018.

However, we are currently offering a reduced joining fee for small recyclers of £399+VAT.

Payment can be made by BACS, Direct Debit or cheque.

Once a member, the cost of subscription renewal can be spread through-out the year by monthly or quarterly Direct Debits.


Some of this information will be displayed on the member’s pages of the VRA website

Applicant or Company name *
Main contact name(s) *
Position(s) in company *
Company address (for the main contact,
in the case of applicants with multiple sites) *
Landline number for main contact(s) *
Mobile number(s) for main contact(s)
E-mail address(es) for main contact(s) *
Company website address
Company Facebook address
From how many locations do you operate?
Waste Management Licence/ Environmental Permit number(s)
If you have more than one site, please provide the licence numbers for each site
Do you collect vehicles using your own trucks?
If so, please give waste carriers' licence number & expiry date
Scrap Metal Dealer registration
Please include all sites you operate with their expiry date
Do you sell repairable salvage?
If so, how many salvage vehicles do you handle annually?
Roughly how many vehicles do you dismantle/ scrap annually?
Do you sell used parts?
DIY? Off the shelf? Part Worn Tyres?
Do you have an eBay shop/ account?
If so, please give address/ hyperlink
Do you specialise in any type of vehicle (make/ brand, LCV/ HGV, motorbikes, 4x4)?
Please specify

Association Rules and Code of Conduct

The applicant’s attention is drawn to the Association Rules and Code of Conduct, which are displayed on the VRA website.

Membership is open to any person, partnership, firm or company trading as a bona fide vehicle recycler, or whose business is allied to the vehicle recycling industry. Vehicle recyclers must hold an Environmental Permit, Waste Carriers’ Licence (if applicable) and Scrap Metal Dealer licence.

The minimum and annual subscription is for 12 months membership.

Membership is valid from, and commences upon, receipt of cleared payment. The membership expiry date will be displayed on each Membership Certificate.

Renewal of the annual subscription (or part thereof) is due within 30 days of the anniversary of commencement of membership. In the case of any subscription renewal (or part thereof) remaining unpaid 90 days from the due date, membership will be deemed to have lapsed and details of the company will be removed from the VRA website and circulation lists; in addition, the company will no longer be able to participate in, or vote at, VRA meetings.

The current annual subscription rate is displayed on the VRA website and is reviewed annually at the AGM. Subscriptions can be paid by BACS, Standing Order, Direct Debit or cheque; monthly, quarterly or annually.

False declarations made to obtain membership may result in the cancellation of membership.

Under no circumstances will a member be liable for a refund of a subscription fee.