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the trade body for vehicle recycling professionals

Spare Parts

The use of second hand vehicle parts is as old as the motor car itself, and is probably the single greatest success story in the reuse/ recycling of any consumer product. Apart from saving you money & creating employment in the UK, it has enormous environmental benefits.

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Sell or Scrap a Vehicle

Selling your vehicle to someone advertising in a local newspaper or on the Internet, especially if they have no premises & operate with just a mobile number, is fraught with risk. Chances are they are illegal. To avoid fines for speeding, parking or tax offences, only use VRA members.

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Buy a Damaged Vehicle

Buying salvage can be a great way to save money, & get the vehicle you want for a fraction of forecourt prices. But to make the most of it you need to understand exactly what you’re doing; in particular, what to avoid.

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About the VRA

VRA represents the interests of members to Government, other industry sectors & consumers. It provides advice & guidance to members, and encourages professionalism in order to give confidence to ‘consumers’ that its members are operating legally & that they meet certain standards

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Welcome to the VEHICLE RECYCLERS' ASSOCIATION, the trade body for vehicle recycling professionals

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Representing the interests of vehicle recycling professionals since 1943

The Vehicle Recyclers' Association (formerly known as the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers' Association - MVDA) was formed in 1943, and has been representing the interests of UK vehicle recyclers ever since.  Our members, many of which are older than the Association itself, are spread throughout the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - and were quietly going about their business of recycling motor vehicles long before the term 'circular economy' became trendy.

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    Visiting some of the best automotive recycling businesses in North America as we head towards Reno for the 2024 ARA Convention. See first-hand how US recyclers operate, the standards they work to, sales operations, vehicle storage, dismantling, parts distribution and more; meet US auto recyclers in their businesses and network with a select group of UK, European and US auto recyclers on the trip. ARA Convention offers one-of-a-kind opportunities to discover new products and services, experience outstanding educational sessions and network with colleagues. For more details contact: Terry Charlton terry@charltonautoparts.co.uk 07836 738560

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    BreakerPro is pleased to announce that through working with GT Motive, we have released the new part numbering feature to lookup OEM part numbers, brand new retail price and diagrams into BreakerPRO, and we have now launched this through the desktop system and also through the Cloud Web App and Mobile App (for Android, iOS to follow). By looking up the VRN or VIN number, customers can instantly get accurate parts and part numbering for that specific vehicle superseding the existing part numbers, with the engine code, colour code and gearbox code returned as well as the price and diagram. The OEM part is then automatically matched next time...

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    Despite the fact that the vehicle recycling sector is rapidly developing & professionalising, we understand that staff shortages (recruitment & retention) remain an important issue for vehicle recyclers. One of the main causes of this is likely to be a lack of training & career structure. We are aware that some years ago BMRA developed their Metal Recycling General Operative & that some VRA members have used this: ttps://www.recyclemetals.org/trailblazers.html We are considering how VRA can assist members in this respect. Can you please let us know the following: 1. Would you be interested in participating in a broader vehicle recycling apprenticeship, with a focus on ‘parts’ (but covering salvage, vehicle testing, sales....

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